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London, Brixton Academy
5th November 2011


Metal warriors Manowar finally granted the wishes of their British fans by playing a highly successful and ear-splitting gig at the home of Metal in Birmingham late last March. Many were then later surprised when the American legends announced a full UK tour, including their first date in London since their legendary performance at the Marquee Club back in 1994. This was a gig that I was fortunate enough to attend, and it has remained in my Metal memory collective bank ever since. Since then, most Brits have had to became Manowar Road Warriors to witness the band live, playing large, grand-scale stage shows to the Europeon market where their Metal status is on a par with the heavyweights of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.


Tonight is Guy Fawkes night and the question on everyones lips is: will Manowar put on an explosive show that goes with a bang or will it be a sparkler that will soon fizzle out? To be honest, not the towering inferno shows that our European cousins get, but a night of pulsating Metal delivered by one of the most honest and faithful bands to the Metal crown.

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Us Brits like to smirk at the antics of Manowar, but no-one can deny the velocity of power the band give live on stage. Delving into the eponymous anthem 'Manowar', the band soon wipe the floor with tracks from their debut, 'Battle Hymns', an album in which Manowar have recently re-recorded with improved results.

The acoustics of the Brixton Academy are not the greatest at the best of times, but all four men still played on ten tonight. Eric Adams still has the Halfordesqe range of a much younger man. Joey DeMaio is poised like an eagle ready to swoop down on his prey as he holds a commanding stance.


No UK show would be complete without the dedication of 'Hail To England' and, after the interval, Manower show why they are the kings with some jaw-dropping Metal despite the lack of many favourites. 'Hail And Kill' is exhilaratingly awesome. This is the track that men need to commence battle with. Fists are raised and voices heard for 'Warriors Of The World United'.

Manowar have displayed a show of real text book heavy Metal, which demands that wimps and posers should most certainly leave the hall. They are the Kings Of Metal who, on this show, have left us blood-hungry a for a whole lot more. They've done the one-off date, the UK tour, now let's see a UK Festival appearance where Manowar can slay the masses.


Dath Tone
Metal Daze
Fast Taker
Shell Shock
Dark Avenger
Battle Hymn
Brothers Of Metal Pt 1
Hail To England

Hand Of Doom
Call To Arms
Thunder In The Sky
Hail And Kill
Warriors Of The World United
Kings Of Metal
Black Wind, Fire & Steel



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