Winter Eternal / New Album Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis Enhances The Dynamics

Winter Eternal have announced 28 June 2024 as the global release date for their eagerly awaited fourth album, Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis. The two singles Two Heavens As One and The Serpent’s Curse can be heard below.

It was the early summer of 2021 when Winter Eternal released their milestone album, Land of Darkness. As their third album and first under Hells Headbangers, it propelled Winter Eternal into the international spotlight, thanks to their genuine blend of 1997-style melodicism and mysticism. 

Termed as melodic Black Metal before it became controversial, band leader Soulreaper demonstrated his deep connection to ancient traditions, reminiscent of both ’90s Swedish and Hellenic scenes. 

Originally from Greece and later moving to Scotland, the band added distinctive charisma and personality. Most notably, Land of Darkness was distinguished by its exceptional songwriting and passionate performances – producing timeless Black Metal that stands on its own rather than merely emulating past influences.

Now, two years later, Winter Eternal is back with their most audacious album yet: Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis. While it retains the band’s core essence from the previous modern classic, this album notably enhances the dynamics, especially with the use of acoustic and clean-stringed instruments like the cello. 

Additionally, the intensity and warmth of the performances have increased, thanks to session drumming by V. Nuctemeron of Sacral Rage and Chainsaw, bringing a fervent zeal to the band’s signature sound. 

Soulreaper - Winter Eternal

Soulreaper showcases a mastery of intricate and entrancing melodicism: his riffs are initially forceful and captivating, then unfold into complex, interwoven layers that seem to reverberate against one another, illustrating complexity within simplicity. 

His haunting and emotional vocals, along with guest contributions from Macabre Omen’s Alexandros and Hildr Valkyrie, enrich the album’s theme, which evokes ancient gods and legendary heroes worldwide, celebrating their enduring legacies with each track focusing on one such figure. 

The album’s thematic depth is matched by Mars Triumph’s symbolic cover art.

Having transcended the confines of the Black Metal underground, Winter Eternal now strides into the realm of legends with Echoes Of Primordial Gnosis.

Pre-orders are available from the Hells Headbangers website

Echoes of Primordial Gnosis Tracklisting

1. Echoes of Primordial Wisdom (Goddess Athena – Greece)

2. Two Heavens as One (Miyamoto Musashi – Japan)

3. Battle Cry (William Wallace – Scotland)

4. The Serpent’s Curse (God Bida – Uganda)

5. Voices (instrumental)

6. Bending the Fabric of Reality (Common Human)

7. Sacrifice for Glory (Iphigenia – Greece)

8. The Keeper of Sorrows (Goddess Oizys – Greece)

Sleeve Notes

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