Whitesnake blast Hellfest as Steve Vai joins for Still Of The Night

Whitesnake took the stage one man down at Hellfest 2022, and Steve Vai, following his own impressive solo set, joined the band for the last song of the set, Still Of The Night.

As Whitesnake take the stage for what is promising to be their final performance in France, the band are one man down. Guitar hero Reb Beach is away with illness, so double the pressure is guitarist Joel Hoekstra.

However, it’s nothing the band can’t handle as they power through a superb set with frontman David Coverdale looking and sounding wonderful. “Well fuck me, did you see that?” Says a grinning Coverdale referring to Steve Vai’s set, “little Stevie Vai! Once a snake, always a snake”.

Steve Vai joins Whitesnake at Hellfest 2022
Steve Vai joins Whitesnake at Hellfest 2022

This really was the perfect festival set, given the circumstances. Crying In The Rain was wonderfully sandwiched between guitar/keyboard and drum solos. Joel Hoekstra performed wonderfully, holding the six-string elements down perfectly.

The run-in of Is This Love, Give Me All Your Love, and Here I Go Again was epic. This ran into the finale, when Vai, who last played with Whitesnake in 1990, joined the band for Still Of The Night.

As the song leads into the solo, a wave of disbelief and delight sweept the crowd as Steve Vai strolled on, guitar on hand, to take the solo. As a final song of the final French show, nothing could be more fitting.

The crowd went wild, and this was a wonderfully beautiful moment in time.

Steve Vai joins Whitesnake at Hellfest 2022
Steve Vai joins Whitesnake at Hellfest 2022

Whitesnake, Hellfest setlist

Bad Boys / Children of the Night

Slide It In

Love Ain’t No Stranger

Slow an’ Easy

Fool for Your Loving

Guitar and Keyboard Solos

Crying in the Rain

Drum Solo

Is This Love

Give Me All Your Love

Here I Go Again

Still of the Night

Hellfest 2022 will be held over two weekends in June, featuring 350 artists on six stages. For more information visit www.hellfest.fr/en/

You can read all the MetalTalk Hellfest coverage at metaltalk.net/tag/hellfest-2022

This year there is also a virtual edition, Hellfest From Home. For more details visit fromhome.hellfest.fr

Hellfest 2022 - Festival poster

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