Twister / Challenging the old guard with Cursed & Corrected

It would be great to say with 100% conviction that Twister are the ‘future of Rock ‘N’ Roll, but it’s that six letter ‘F’ word that’s the problem.

Even before planet earth was sucker punched with a worldwide pandemic, bands of their ilk were struggling to earn a crust and now with live scene as we know it slammed shut until further notice, the road to potential stardom is an even more precarious and unpredictable one.

Twister – Cursed & Corrected (Off Yer Rocka Recordings)

Release Date: 13 November 2020

Words: Brian Boyle

So propping up the bands profile with a slightly inflated statement is probably pointless at this moment in time, but that won’t stop you getting a Rock ‘N’ Roll semi when blaring this Durham lot.

This album is not that ‘Appetite For Destruction’ moment when you suddenly you feel your life will change forever as you clutch the cover. But early riser tracks ‘Save Us Yourself’ and ‘Young & Affected’  are big and brassy and full of anthemic fizz and promise something special.

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There is a very likeable Pop vibe coursing through this band, and no they’re not a heavier version of the bile inducing Busted, more a gluten free Green Day with animated hooks hugging aggressive choruses.

And just like the Boston trio, buxom tracks like ‘Trees’ and ‘Trading Hearts’ rattle out your radio friendly melodies and are bolstered by the bands natural edgy attitude.

As the title suggests ‘Call To Arms’ is a riotous and full blooded affair with vocalist Steve Stoker leading the charge in commanding form.

About the album, Steve Stoker told MetalTalk: “This is the five-plus years of our lives in a record. Everything that has happened to us personally and professionally as a band over the last five years has created these songs.

“Every single track is a little piece of us poured out in lyrics, guitars, bass, and drums.

“From heartbreak and frustration to joy and elation this album epitomises what we are as a band and sets the precedent of what we want to achieve.”

Twister - Album cover

If the exquisite ‘Feeding Frenzy’ was directly aimed at the America market, well they could not of come up with anything better. Packed full of Springsteen/Gaslight Anthem New Jersey sounds, it probably shows this band in their best light.

One thing is for certain is you cannot properly pigeonhole Twister. They glide through Rock, Pop and smatterings of polite angsty Punk with arrogant ease.

The testosterone fuelled ‘Fist Fight’ maybe more ‘handbags at dawn’ to those expecting a more Motörhead type scenario, but the brawny riff more than secures a macho status.

It is virtually impossible to predict the future for a band like Twister. But if you are looking for one of the candidates to replace the old guard, I would put a couple of shillings on these boys making their presence felt.

Tracklisting :

Save Us Yourself
Young & Affected
Natural Survivor
Fingers Crossed
Trading Hearts
Call To Arms
Feeding Frenzy
Fist Fight
White Lies

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