Truck / Make Hay shows how a great rock song can save you

Truck, a new driving rock band featuring Andy McLean from Horsehead and Dave Leslie from Baby Animals, has released their debut single, Make Hay, with a video below.

“When Horsehead were starting out, Baby Animals were the biggest band in the land,” Andy says. “We were lucky enough to do some shows with them, and as soon as I saw Dave on stage, I thought, what a mighty player, who wouldn’t want to be in a band with him? And here we are, in 2021, and our stars aligned.”

Dave first heard about the Truck beginnings from Ricki Rae, the sound guy for Baby Animals, when Truck were in his studio. “It’s old-school rock,” Ricki told Dave, “you would love it.”

Dave heard the song Make Hay. “I thought, if this is what it is, I’m in,” Dave says.

“It’s easy to write aggressive, angry rock songs,” Andy says. “But there seems to be a real positive vibe to Make Hay. And as we come out of the fog of Covid-19, a feeling like that seems appropriate.”

The shining message of this great track is that no matter what is happening in your life, a great rock song can save you.


Andy McLean – vocals
Dave Leslie – guitar
Mark Donaldson – keys
Kevin Hunt – bass
Alex Deegan – drums

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