Triumph / Relive Epic Heavy Metal Sunday Performance from ’83 US Festival on Double Lp

Heavy Metal Sunday at the US Festival on 29 May 1983 saw Van Halen, Scorpions, Triumph, Ozzy Osbourne, Judas Priest, Mötley Crüe, and Quiet Riot share the stage at this unbelievable show. Triumph were one of the standout performances of the day, and to celebrate the 40th Anniversary, the band are releasing their performance on a double LP.

“Playing on the Heavy Metal Sunday was just amazing for us,” bassist Mike Levine told us. “It was really neat playing without our big production. We killed it. The band was hotter than a pistol. That day will always be locked in my memory – flying in on the chopper and looking at the endless amount of people and going, ‘What have we got ourselves into here?!'”

Triumph is hosting a special viewing of the concert on the official Triumph YouTube Channel on Thursday, May 25th (9:00 P.M Eastern and 6:00 P.M Pacific Time).

Fans will be able to join a group chat while the video is streamed and watch it together.

Also, all three band members, Mike, Rik and Gil, will join the chat, say hi to the fans and answer a few questions.

The set will only be available via the official Triumph merch store

The package includes:

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  • Double-LP, gatefold sleeve including never before seen photos
  • Etching of the iconic Never Surrender thunderbird logo on the 4th side
  • Remastered for vinyl at the legendary Metalworks Studios
  • Limited to 750 copies, comes in either black, red, or blue vinyl
  • Fans who buy from the official Triumph merch store will receive a US Festival special podcast featuring new interviews with Rik Emmett, Gil Moore, Mike Levine, Mike Primeau, Harry Witz, John Roberts, Wayne Webster and more.
Triumph / Relive Epic Heavy Metal Sunday Performance from '83 US Festival on Double Lp
Triumph / Relive Epic Heavy Metal Sunday Performance from ’83 US Festival on Double Lp

Between 1975-1988, Triumph – singer/guitarist Rik Emmett, singer/drummer Gil Moore, and Levine – rocked the world and in the process, gave us countless classic hard rock anthems (Fight The Good Fight, Hold On, Magic Power, Lay It On The Line, A World Of Fantasy) and albums (Just A Game, Progressions Of Power, Allied Forces, Never Surrender, Thunder Seven).

But the trio’s show-stopping performance at the US Festival remains one of their career’s greatest performances. And now, fans can revisit it from start to finish with the killer Live At The Us Festival set.

Triumph – Live At The Us Festival

Side 1

  1. Allied Forces
  2. Lay It On The Line
  3. Never Surrender

Side 2

  1. Magic Power
  2. A World Of Fantasy
  3. Rock And Roll Machine

Side 3

  1. When The Lights Go Down
  2. Fight The Good Fight

Side 4

Etched with Triumph’s Never Surrender Thunderbird logo

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Sleeve Notes

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