The Intersphere / A brace of songs bodes well for new album Wanderer

Alternative rock quartet The Intersphere have released the second single, Bulletproof, from their new album Wanderer, which is scheduled for delivery on 26 May 2023. On the strength of the two songs so far, Wanderer should find the band breaking the progressive border barriers of their home country Germany, where they are frequently named alongside the likes of Biffy Clyro, Muse, Royal Blood and Thrice.

“Bulletproof deals with the constant availability that communication media has brought with it and what this does to us as human beings,” frontman Christoph Hessler says. “The lyrics are inspired by Hartmut Rosa’s The Uncontrollability Of The World, whose thesis states that the true value of human feeling lies in the unpredictable and the power of creation and creativity in lingering. Through the constant availability of everything, we deny ourselves the most beautiful things of human existence.”

The first single release was The Wanderer, where Hessler’s lyrics alternate between personal introspection and powerful socio-political observation. “We are on a journey, and never before has this journey been so uncertain,” he says. “Everything just feels as if the decision whether to take one path or the other, at the fork in the road, is so significant, so irreversible, so momentous.

“After our last albums, Relations In The Unseen and The Grand Delusion, it is now time to set out on our own. We have to take things into our own hands and not just stand idly by while humanity, which has come a long way, now threatens to choke on its own pathological excesses. We need a merciless treatment of our own ambivalent behaviour, between foreign and self-determination, reflection, and the courage and imagination to escape our own inertia.”

On the basis of these two songs, The Intersphere’s next album looks to shine a light on their love of a big hook line, dramatic harmony and epic song arcs. Wanderer can be pre-ordered from

The Intersphere / Wanderer album cover
The Intersphere / Wanderer

The Intersphere:

Christoph Hessler – Vocals, Guitars
Thomas Zipner – Guitars
Moritz Mueller – Drums
Daniel Weber – Bass

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