Weapon Returns with New Clear Power: a Must-listen for Metalheads in 2023

Weapon release New Clear Power with a return to their original name. With guests like Tino Troy and Steve Mann, this album is a must-listen for any Metalhead. Words: Dave Bonney

Exclusive: Weapon T-Shirts Banned From London Olympics

Weapon. Is Danny hiding a bomb under that hat..?Four spectators, there so see the Olympic torch's arrival in London today (Saturday 21st July 2012) had their day ruined by over zealous and...

Weapon UK: ‘Rising From The Ashes’

WEAPON UK 'Rising From The Ashes' Worldwide Release Date: April 23rd 2014Words: Roger Berzerk FauskeThose of us of a certain vintage are old enough to remember the NWOBHM movement when it first came about.Since...


One of the original stalwarts of NWOBHM, British rockers Weapon released their first single in over thirty years 'Ready 4 U' on June 5th in digital format.Words: Judith FisherFeaturing the talents of...

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