Algy Ward / Pioneering Bassist for The Damned and Tank Celebrated by Friend “Evo”

Remembering Algy Ward: A Tribute to the Iconic Bassist of Tank, The Damned, and The Saints. MetalTalk's Alex Eruptor speaks to Evo from Warfare about their over 40-year-long friendship filled with crazy but happy memories.

Warfare / Paul ‘Evo’ Evans on Metal Anarchy with Motörhead

Warfare - Metal Anarchy, reissued by Cherry Red Records featuring a mix by Motörhead's Lemmy. Paul 'Evo' Evans on the legacy and more unreleased material. Interview: Alex Erputor @warfareband @cherryredrecords @officialmotorhead

Warfare / The Lemmy Sessions show creativity outside of Motörhead

Warfare - The Lemmy Sessions (Cherry Red Records). Warfare brazenly approached Lemmy by telling him that he had the job of producing them. The resulting album was Metal Anarchy, released in 1985, and also featured guest guitars by Motörhead's Wurzel. #Warfare @officialmotorhead

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