Sunday Supplement

The Incredible story of The Hollywood Stars

The Hollywood Stars. Why one of the biggest draws in Hollywood never reached the level their pedigree and reputation suggested would only be a matter of time.

Jeff Scott Soto: An Insightful Perspective, In His Own Words

Jeff Scott Soto: From Rising Force to Wide Awake - A Journey through the Career of a Vocal Powerhouse. Still a lot to say and he always says it with style.

Bertrand Alary / 40 Mammoth Years Photographing Heavy Metal

Bertrand Alary: The Legendary Rock and Metal Photographer Who Immortalized Music Icons. Interview with Steve Ritchie. The greatest Metal encyclopaedia out there

Leaves’ Eyes / The Truth About Harald Of Norway

INTERVIEW: The Last Viking: A Epic Journey in Symphonic Metal. The concept behind Leaves' Eyes rip-roaring album, which brings Norse King Harald's story to life

Metallica S&M2 / Scott Pingel And The Astonishing Anesthesia Solo

Cliff Burton: A tribute to the Metallica bassist and the groundbreaking solo, Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth). The story behind the Scott Pingel S&M2 performance.

Interview / Snowy White On Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd And More

The Legacy of Snowy White: A Legend of blues & rock Music. Dive into his career, collaborations with Pink Floyd and Thin Lizzy and new album, Something On Me.

Phil Lynott / The Revolutionary Cowboy Who Rode Into The Sunset

Phil Lynott - Thin Lizzy were the cream of the crop in Rock circles, their particular brand of melodic material was full of style with a romanticism that grabbed the public.

The Incredible Story Of The ’80s Metal Europe Magazine

Discover the remarkable story behind Metal Europe, the Dutch Heavy Metal News magazine that captured the 1980s Metal scene. Hang with Guns 'N Roses, work with Motörhead, and explore the online Metal Europe archive with Marko van Haren on

Dad Rock / The Flat-Pluto Society of Heavy Music

Sonic Seducer author Sunil Singh reflects on Dad Rock, another constipated idea in Heavy Metal music, and why Eddie Trunk and That Rocks! is false advertising. @mathematicaljester

The Sunday Supplement / China: Stoner Metal in the Middle Kingdom

Slow Hole to China - Stoner Metal in the Middle KingdomWords: Ryan DyerIn a dark club in Beijing, the roof has been blanketed in a haze of smoke. The band playing on stage,...

Fish / “I genuinely despair at the current state of the music industry”

Legendary singer/song writer Fish has published a passionate and damning statement on the state of the music industry, via his Facebook page.The former Marillion frontman, who recently released his final album 'Weltschmerz'...

The Sunday Supplement / Vivian Campbell joins Def Leppard – The McGonagles Story

In a perfect world Vivian Campbell would not be a member of Def Leppard. On 8 January 1991, while on a six month sabbatical from the group, their much loved guitarist Steve...

The Sunday Supplement / Geezer Butler – The Solo Years

Being one of the most influential bassists in Metal history, as well as the primary lyricist of Black Sabbath, Geezer Butler has much to offer both musically and lyrically.In the mid 1990's,...

The Sunday Supplement / Win a copy of Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid at 50’

"We would like to start off with a number off our new album. It is a number entitled Paranoid", states Ozzy Osbourne, before Tony Iommi launches into the now classic riff.This...

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