Sorcerer / An Exciting Journey Through Metal’s Dark Realm

Sorcerer deliver their brand of crushing Doom Metal with a twist in Reign Of The Reaper. Find out how they balance melody and aggression in their latest release. Words: @hutchie224 @sorcererdoom @metalbladerecords

Sorcerer / Anders Engberg Talks Reign Of The Reaper

The fascinating backstory behind Sorcerer, Reign Of The Reaper. Find out how the band selected the songs, created the running order, and hear about Anders' impressive vocal performance. Interview: @hutchie224 @sorcererdoom @metalbladerecords

Anders Engberg / The Voice of Sorcerer on their Journey Through Music

Interview with Anders Engberg: The Voice of Swedish Band Sorcerer Speaks on Reunion, Album Releases, and More. Interview: @hutchie224 @sorcererdoom @metalbladerecords

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