The Incredible Story Of The ’80s Metal Europe Magazine

Discover the remarkable story behind Metal Europe, the Dutch Heavy Metal News magazine that captured the 1980s Metal scene. Hang with Guns 'N Roses, work with Motörhead, and explore the online Metal Europe archive with Marko van Haren on

ARCHIVE: Jon Dette – Pulling A Slayer / Anthrax Double Shift

Interview - Jon Dette - Stepping in to help out a percussionless Anthrax, when Lombardogate blew up a week later, thrash titans Slayer lacked a timekeeper too.

ARCHIVE: Slayer To Perform ‘Reign In Blood’ At Only UK Show Of 2012

25 April 2012. Slayer feature on the weekend of 25th-27th May 2012 at Alexandra Palace, London, when All Tomorrow's Parties present the second UK I'll Be Your Mirror festival.

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