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Alter Bridge and Mammoth WVH shake the roof off sold-out History, Toronto

Gig Review - Alter Bridge - Mammoth WVH - History, Toronto - 11 February 2023. AB are kings of the night in an evening of melodic hard rock at its finest. Words and Photography: @taylorcamphotos @officialalterbridge @officialmyleskennedy @officialmyleskennedy @wolfvanhalen @mammothwvh

Wolfgang Van Halen / ‘I’ve proved to myself that I can do it’

INTERVIEW: WOLFGANG VAN HALEN. The future is very bright for Wolfgang Van Halen and Mammoth WVH.Having just closed the Alter Bridge Pawns And Kings European Tour in London's O2 Arena, they have certainly been riding a wave.

Alter Bridge close the European Pawns And Kings Tour on a high

Alter Bridge - O2 Arena - 12 December 2022. Tonight has culminated into yet another stylish performance that absolutely reaffirms their rightful place as ultimate rock 'n' roll royalty. Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @danybass18 @officialalterbridge @officialmyleskennedy @markttremonti @flip_drums @bmarshall73 @theo2arena

Halestorm / Arejay Hale and MetalTalk chat at London’s O2 Arena

Halestorm / Arejay Hale and MetalTalk chat at London's O2 Arena. Arejay Hale talks about family and Christmas, and he told us how much he had enjoyed this tour. Photo: @rock_pixs Interview: @danybass18 @halestormrocks @arejayhale

Halestorm / The arsonists of modern rock are simply unstoppable

London O2 Arena – 12 December 2022. The incendiary Halestorm earn, hands down, the title of "Arsonists of Modern Rock", and they are simply unstoppable. Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @danybass18 @halestormrocks @officiallzzyhale @arejayhale

Mammoth WVH like a breath of fresh air in London’s O2 Arena

Mammoth WVH - London O2 Arena – 12 December 2022.The future is indeed bright for this wonderful outfit!Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @danybass18 @mammothwvh

Interview – Alter Bridge – Scott Phillips closes the Pawns And Kings Tour in London

Alter Bridge. Scott 'Flip' Phillips talks about looking forward to Mark Tremonti's Sinatra evening tonight, the Pawns And Kings tour and his love for Projected. Photo: @rock_pixs Interview: @danybass18 @officialalterbridge

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