Memoriam | Karl Willetts, ‘it’s important for me to stand up and make a point’

Memoriam - Karl Willets Interview Part Two. Important "to stand up and make a point, make a stand, and say something important about things that I think need to be said." Interview: @hutchie224 @memoriamuk @willettsio

Memoriam | Karl Willetts – a work ethic that puts full-time artists to shame

Interview - Memoriam - Karl Willets. I find Karl in his usual relaxed and jovial mood, all ready to talk about the band's next album, Rise To Power. Interview: @hutchie224 @memoriamuk @willettsio

Memoriam / Rise To Power, a punishing fifth album from the Old school Death Metal legends

Memoriam – Rise To Power (Reaper Entertainment). Memoriam continue to improve with every release. Rise To Power continues their journey in fine style. Words: @hutchie224 @memoriamuk @reaperentertainment

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