Kickin Valentina

Kickin Valentina / The Essence And Energy Of Live Performances Bottled

Album Review: Kickin Valentina - Explosive new album Star Spangled Fist Fight a blend of fierce riffs and anthemic choruses set to release on April 19, 2024. Words: @sophzrocks @kickinvalentina @MightyMusic666

Kickin’ Valentina / Takin’ A Ride With Anthemic Riffery

The high-octane Takin' A Ride from Kickin' Valentina is a relentless blast of anthemic riffery that will leave you craving more. From Star Spangled Fist Fight. Words: @sophzrocks @kickinvalentina @MightyMusic666 @FromTheVaultsRecords @EMZProductions

Raw, Gritty and Uncompromising, Kickin’ Valentina hit the Tivoli

Kickin' Valentina, the raw and gritty band taking the UK by storm. Experience their powerhouse rock 'n' roll live at The Tivoli on June 2, 2023. Photo: @jason_samuels_photography71 Words: Sophie James @tivolivenue @kickinvalentina

Stonedead 2022 / The spirit of Monsters of Rock is alive

One day, one stage, one monster rock show. The strap line for Stonedead 2022 lives up to expectations once more on a perfect day in sunny Newark. @stonedead_fest Photo: @petekey_2 @liz_medhurst @pmonkhouse1

Kickin Valentina bring Revenge Of Rock tour to Europe in May 2022

Kickin Valentina will bring their Revenge Of Rock tour to Europe in May 2022. The US sneeze rockers are finally able to deliver their sleaze rock to audiences this side of the pond. @kickinvalentina

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