Gaerea bring something special to Bloodstock 2023; Bossk bone shakingly heavy

Gaerea: Unveiling the Mystique at Bloodstock Festival 2023 - A Show to Remember. Bossk: Post Metal Powerhouse Takes the Stage. A Weekend of Heavy Metal Madness.Photography: @inglisnomad and @hutchie224@bloodstockopenair #bloodstockopenair2023 #boa23 #bloodstockfestival #bloodstockopenair #Boafestival23 @gaerea_ @bosskuk

Gaerea / Mirage is powerful, evocative and unnerving but utterly irresistible

Album review - Gaerea - Mirage (Season of Mist). Shrouded in obscurity, Portuguese masked Black Metallers Gaerea return with their latest offering Mirage. @gaerea_ @seasonofmistofficial

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