Doro Pesch

Doro Pesch / Metal, Survival, And Celebrating Women In Rock Music

Doro Pesch: Surviving the Changing Landscape of Heavy Metal. The Metal Queen reflects on the challenges of the grunge era and the resilience that kept her going. @dorometalqueen @nuclearblastrecords

Doro Pesch Planned To Sing With Ronnie James Dio

Interview: Doro Pesch: The Enduring Power of Metal. From debut to latest album, Conqueress, Doro continues to defy expectations and unite Metal fans worldwide. Cover Photo: @aggieanthimidou Interview: Mark Rotherham @dorometalqueen

Doro Tells MetalTalk “I’m So Proud Of Conqueress”

Legendary German singer Doro Pesch talks about her latest album Conqueress - Forever Strong and Proud, featuring duets with Rob Halford and German band Broilers. Interview: Mark Rotherham @dorometalqueen @nuclearblastrecords

Doro Pesch Returns With Another Defiant And Powerful Metal Album

Doro Pesch - Conqueress - Forever Strong and Proud. Album Review. A Defiant Message of Unity and Classic Metal Power. It still feels new. It still sounds fresh. Words: Mark Rotherham @dorometalqueen @robhalfordlegacy

Michael Schenker / A superb night from a Heavy Metal legend still at the top of his game

A gig that has been over a year in the making, Michael Schenker has finally been able to return to London's Shepherd's Bush Empire to celebrate his 50th anniversary in music. With...

Doro Pesch Talks ’80s New York and Triumph And Agony

Doro Pesch, the Metal Queen, talks about her time in ‘80s New York writing the Triumph And Agony album with Joey Balin, the challenges of having Für Immer included on the record and how one of her songs was the first to include three languages.

Doro / The Queen Of Heavy Metal In The Underworld

The electrifying magic of Doro Pesch and her band as they command adoration from fans across three generations. An unforgettable performance at The Underworld.

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