Delain deliver thrilling performance in Islington with new lineup and album Dark Waters

How did Delain, with new lineup and album, Dark Waters, fare during sold-out Islington Academy show? A great mix of new and old songs loved by the fans. Words: Adrian Stonley Photo: @robert_sutton_photography @delainofficial @o2acadislington

Martijn Westerholt energised as Delain delivers terrific Dark Waters

Interview - Delain are well and truly back. The latest album, Dark Waters, has been a success. Martijn Westerholt is refreshed, happy and talks with MetalTalk. Interview: @rock_pixs @martijnwesterholt @delainofficial @napalmrecordsofficial

Delain / New line-up, new single and new album with tour set for spring 2023

Martijn Westerholt. Delain will tour Europe April /May 2023. New vocalist Diana Leah and new bassist Ludovico Cioffi feature on the upcoming album Dark Waters. @delainofficial

Delain / Band announce current lineup has been dissolved

Martijn Westerholt has today issued a statement stating that Delain, as a band, have parted ways and that he plans to move forward by writing new Delain material, releasing the "music with...

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