Classless Act

Classless Act play Washington and these guys are good

Catch Classless Act when they blitz your townClassless Act - Songbyrd Music House - Washington DC - 11 December 2022. Words and Photo: @oddrockerphotography @classlessact @songbyrddc

Exclusive / Classless Act debut acoustic version of Time To Bleed

Classless Act, who have cemented their status as rock music's most exciting debut of 2022, release the acoustic version of Time To Bleed exclusively at MetalTalk. @classlessact

Classless Act bassist’s boots melt, Mötley Crüe saves the day

Classless Act bassist Franco Gravante was presented with a new pair of biker boots by Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars after glue failure in St. Louis.Photo: Joe Sestito. @classlessact @motleycrue

Classless Act / Making hard rock fun again

Classless Act has made hard rock fun again. Time will tell if they're the natural successors to Van Halen or a drunken but enjoyable one-night stand.@classlessact @betternoisemusic Words: @pmonkhouse1

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