Christmas 2023

Bloodstock / The Special Festival That Feels Like Home

The magic of Bloodstock Open Air 2023 - a festival that feels like home. @Hutchie224 expresses his love for Bloodstock. @bloodstockopenair Read MetalTalk's 40 articles covering the event and find out what makes it so special.

Kahmel Farahani / The Best Of Heavy Metal In 2023

Kahmel Farahani - Gigs of the Year: Hellfest 2023, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, W.A.S.P, and More! Plus, Top Albums of 2023. For me, 2023 was jam-packed. Words: @kahmel_farahani

Paul Hutchings / The Best Of Heavy Metal In 2023

Paul Hutchings - Recapping the Highlights: A Look Back at the Impressive Music and Live Events of 2023 in the World of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal at MetalTalk. Words: @Hutchie224

Brian Boyle / The Best Of Heavy Metal In 2023

Brian Boyle - My MetalTalk Year in Review: The Darkness, Iron Maiden, The Cult and Paul Rodgers Take Center Stage. Hopes for 2024? A new Iron Maiden live album..... Words: @brian_boyle_72 @thedarkness @ironmaiden @officialcult @paulrodgersofficial

Robert Adams / The Best Of Heavy Metal In 2023

2023 Review: From Avatar's Spectacular Stage Show to Extreme's Incredible Performance - Highlights from Robert Adams. What kept Bobby’s Rock Bus rolling?

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