Bokassa / Jørn Kaarstad On New Album, Tour Memories And Salmon

Interview: Jørn Kaarstad, Bokassa. "If you ever see a salmon thrown onstage at a Red Fang gig in Norway, you'll have an idea where it came from." INterview: @Hutchie224 @bokassaband @redfangband

Bokassa / Hits Hard, Plays Hard And All Out Of Dreams

Album Review: The explosive blend of stoner, punk, and Metal in latest Bokassa album, All Out Of Dreams. Thunderous, this trio will captivate fans of the riff. Words: @hutchie224 @bokassaband @indierecordings

Bokassa and Florence Black deliver a night of pure energy and Metal fun

An evening at The Underworld proved a perfect revitalising tonic for the soul in the company of the three times three-piece lineups of Bokassa, Florence Black and Dramalove.The Underworld - 22 October...

Interview / With Molotov Rocktail, Bokassa smash third album syndrome out of the park

Bokassa have had a whirlwind trip. Releasing their debut album Divide And Conquer in 2017, the band were Lars Ulrich's "favourite new band" and were invited onto Metallica's Worldwired Tour. The third Bokassa...

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