Existentialist are primed and ready for Bloodstock 2022

Existentialist, a five-piece Black and Deathcore band from Essex/Suffolk, play the Bloodstock New Blood Stage on Friday, 12th August 2022 having won through the Metal 2 The Masses competition. @existentialist.uk @bloodstockopenair Interview: @rock_pixs #boa22

Massive Wagons / “I took a lot of crap at school,” Baz Mills says

Massive Wagons launch a national anti-bullying campaign and invite you to join them, and The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, to help stamp out all bullying. #FuckTheHaters #StopBullying @massivewagons @sophie_lancaster_foundation

Bloodstock 2022 / Pink Sunday and protecting your hard-earned pounds

Bloodstock 2022 The festival organisers have confirmed to MetalTalk that food prices will be frozen at last year's prices and you can buy a pint of beer £5. #boa22 @bloodstockopenair @sophie_lancaster_foundation @liz_medhurst @pmonkhouse1 @inglisnomad

Metal 2 The Masses / Existentialist win through to Bloodstock

Metal 2 The Masses, Colchester. Final. Mechromorph, Collected, Regicide, Existentialist, Beyond Extinction. Existentialist win through to Bloodstock.Photography: @lawrence89_photography @bloodstockopenair @existentialist.uk

Metal 2 The Masses semi-final in Colchester goes right down to the wire

Metal 2 The Masses - Semi-Final One. @regicideuk @officiallytinkmusic @collected_uk @bloodstockopenairSome of Essex and Suffolk's most promising Metal acts have been battling it out at the CODA bar in Colchester for a spot on the Bloodstock open-air festival this summer.

Metal Memories From The Pit / John Inglis, Bloodstock 2017

The opportunity of my life was offered to me to shoot my first open-air Metal festival, Bloodstock, in 2017. @DethproofMedia @inglisnomad

King Creature / “Bloodstock was fantastic, it’s good to be back”

King Creature were one of our highlights at this year's Bloodstock Festival. They had the packed tent moving in a fist-pumping and headbanging delight, ensuring a growing collection of new fans.Photography: John InglisBloodstock...

Bloodstock 2021 / Sunday, Judas Priest deliver an “I was there” moment

Bloodstock Open Air, the biggest of Metal salutes to you. You kept the faith and endured more uncertainty than has been experienced before, and a constant shifting and swapping of the lineup...

Bloodstock 2021 / Sunday, A good day when Diamond Head are in the house

All Hail To The Priest! 50 Heavy Metal Years! That’s later on, though. The bill for today is an embarrassment of riches. We are diving in headfirst, only stopping to come up...

Bloodstock 2021 / A heavy Saturday night, exactly as it ought to be

We are settled in for a very heavy Saturday night, exactly as it ought to be.Words: Liz MedhurstPhotography: John InglisFirst of the evening bands is Paradise Lost, who are revisiting Draconian Times,...

Bloodstock 2021 / Saturday, Wargasm and Malevolence blast the rain clouds away

We are on a bit of a high here this afternoon. Bloodstock Friday topped us up with all of the natural happy chemicals that only live Metal in abundance can provide.Words: Liz...

Bloodstock 2021 / Rock and Metal Museum – The RAM Gallery

Another Bloodstock institution is the Rock and Metal museum, aka The RAM Gallery. It’s a beautiful opportunity to see the sublime fantasy artwork of festival founder Paul Gregory alongside a selection of...

Bloodstock 2021 / Friday evening – Devin Townsend a completely worthy headliner

Things are hotting up here. There's a lot of talk about headliner Devin Townsend and what his set will comprise. Devin had to put together a completely new band to get around...

Bloodstock 2022 / Seventeen bands announced for next years BOA

Lamb Of God and Mercyful Fate are two headliners announced for next years Bloodstock festival, to be held between the 11th and 14th August 2022 at Catton Park.VAT remains at 5% on...

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