Steven Wilson / King of prog to release his book Limited Edition Of One this week

Steven Wilson, described as the king of prog, releases his long-awaited book Limited Edition Of One on 7 April 2022 through Constable. Wilson’s book is unlike any other music book you will ever have read.

Steven Wilson is a multiple Grammy-nominated artist who found fame with Porcupine Tree before having an even more successful solo career.

“The more I thought about it, the more I realised my career has been unusual,” Steven says. “How did I manage to do everything wrong but still end up on the front cover of magazines, headlining world tours and achieving Top 5 albums?”

Limited Edition Of One  by Steven Wilson
Limited Edition Of One out 7 April 2022

“How did I attract such obsessive and fanatical fans, many of whom take everything I do or say very personally, which is simultaneously flattering but can also be tremendously frustrating? Even this I somehow cultivated without somehow meaning to. My accidental career.”

Limited Edition Of One charts Steven’s path through the music industry, including Porcupine Tree and how he would become an award-winning collaborator on over 50 albums, as well as being in demand as a remixer of classic albums.

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