Star Crystal / Ukraine rockers write heartfelt “thank you”

Star Crystal, formed in Ukraine in 2012 by Sussana Radimovskaya, have reacted to the situation in their country after Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” with a heartfelt message of thanks to all who are helping Ukraine in this devastating time.

“It is a time when our country is taking a beating,” the band told MetalTalk. “We are at war. We are grateful to everyone who writes to us with support, everyone who asks to stop the war in Ukraine, everyone who lends a helping hand, and to all followers and musicians.

“We love our country, we love our cause, and we love you. Thank you for your support.”

“We’re a music family,” Sassana and bassist Eugene Toderash told Norselands Rock last year. “Not in the sense that we’re brothers and sisters, but we share the same passion for the music and are very close. We have been together for a long time and care about each other. We help each other. We act like one. The feeling of family is very strong between us.”

Star Crystal have released Follow Me (2017) and Revival of Glam (2019) through Rock Avenue Records.

You can support The Red Cross Ukraine Crisis appeal at https://donate.redcross.org.uk/appeal/ukraine-crisis-appeal.

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