SMITH/KOTZEN – Second Single ‘Scars’ released

24 February 2021

Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen have shared the video for their second single ‘Scars’ today. The track is a powerful 70’s style Blues Rock track, which Adrian Smith told us “starts off with a dreamy intro, then comes in Heavy.”

Richie Kotzen told MetalTalk: “I remember ‘Scars’ being one of the songs we wrote in the very beginning of the process.

“There is something moody and mysterious going on in this track that I find quite engaging.

“This would be a great track for us to stretch out live for some guitar improvisation between the two of us.”

The song, co-written by the pair, features Richie covering bass and drum duties and is a followup to ‘Taking My Chances’, which you can watch here.

The full album, titled ‘Smith/Kotzen’, is to be released 26 March 2021, with pre-orders available from

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