Rockstar Physiotherapist Anna Achimowicz launches The Medical Throne of Wisdom

Rockstar Physiotherapist Anna Achimowicz, a health expert on chronic pain prevention and a holistic bodyworker focused on performing artists and the entertainment industry, has launched The Medical Throne of Wisdom, a premium 1-on-1 fly-in consultation where she promises to help artists with pain issues “look into the mirror of how you treat your body.”

There are eleven slots left in 2023, where Anna will travel to a recording studio, music video set, or touring day off for a private consultation and coaching session.

“As artists, we often think pain and strain to some extent is the measure of our coolness, our rebellion on stage, a measure of growth, the originality and uniqueness how much our body can withstand without sleeping, hydrating, changing our stage costume that was never comfortable to begin with,” Anna told us.

“Growth and development and pushing one’s boundaries, especially on stage, is often simply self-inflicted harm and mistreating the body’s early signals that something is not serving us.

“How many times did you sit in a session until your leg went numb? How many hours in an evening did you hold on not having a sip of water because you ‘have to’ drink a toast with every fan you meet after the show?

“How many times has your headpiece pierced into your scull, inflicting an initially dull headache that would, after many hours, cut circulation, press against sensitive sutures of your scull until it inflicts blurry vision, dizziness or nausea? How hard did you head-bang feeling the next day, you probably sustained a mild concussion?

“These are just some extreme examples of what musicians and performers put themselves through. For the crowds, for the applause and recognition or fame. Sacrificing their health, their body and well-being.”

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Anna Achimowicz - The Medical Throne of Wisdom
Anna Achimowicz

The three-hour sessions are split between a Q&A Consultation about your health, practical coaching, movement analysis and take-home tips and a Coffee Meet & Greet on all things career and Anna Achimowicz.

“The Medical Throne of Wisdom is for those that are willing to hear the uncomfortable truth that what your body is experiencing is, in the majority, caused by your habits, lifestyle and patterns you got used to in your industry and accepted as a temporary fix.

“The Medical Throne of Wisdom is an opportunity to gain insight into what your body needs and what your nerve system has been using you for years to address, lack of warm-up, gaps in nutrition, dehydration, undressed sprains and subluxations ignored several times across the course of time.”

Sessions are €1299, travel and accommodation not included, and can be booked from here.

“If you’re willing to face the truth about how you’ve been treating your body and your health,” Anna says, “my work and expertise is for you. If should be willing to commit to yourself in the long run, to implement long-lasting change, receive guidance on how to not keep injuring your joints, and your muscles, get better digestion, get rid of fatigue and get out of a constant fight or flight mode the ‘music industry’ tells you to operate in.

“The Medical Throne of Wisdom is there to guide you on what steps your individual body needs to prioritise for any of your symptoms to change. But not through temporary fixes but instead with introduced consistent, long-lasting changes in habits that you’ve been holding onto for a very long time.

“In neurology, any habit that we want to change permanently requires at least six weeks of consistent reprogramming. If we want that change or override the previous habit or pattern, it’s not easy, and it’s not comfortable, but it’s so worth it and simply necessary.”

Anna has been a medical professional for almost 15 years, a professional stage artist for 23 years, and is the founder and head of #DanceMedicine and #PhysiotherapyForRockstars practice offering Performing Arts Medicine premium health services for bands and performers.

You can read about the wide range of other services here.

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