Revolution Saints Are Back With More Weighty Hook-Soaked Tunes

When Dough Aldrich and Jack Blades upped sticks from Revolution Saints in 2022, you may have thought that was curtains for the Frontiers Music melodic rock project. That proved not to be the case with the sensible appointments of fretboard extraordinaire Joel Hoekstra and the well-travelled and hugely respected bassist Jeff Pilson joining band stalwart Deen Castronovo on last year’s Eagle Flight.

Revolution Saints – Against The Winds (Frontiers Music srl)

Release Date: 9 February 2024

Words: Brian Boyle

Just one year later, they are back with Against The Winds, another collection of weighty hook-soaked tunes.

As was the case on the first four releases, you pretty much know what you’re getting, but it’s still never a letdown. Leader singer and drummer Castronovo once again drives this project with passion and purpose. On the title track and album opener, every word leaving his titanic voice is felt.

Changing My Mind is cosy mid-tempo formula that you have probably heard a million times before, but it doesn’t detract from it being a classy bit of writing.

“Changing My Mind is a fun, melodic rock track,” Joel Hoekstra said, “that shines a light on the amazing singing and drumming of Deen Castronovo and the always stellar, tasteful bass work of Jeff Pilson. I’m honoured to be playing with these guys! I hope you enjoy it.”

“This is Revolution Saints operating on full tilt,” Jeff Pilson said. “I can’t wait for fans to hear this.”

Revolution Saints - Against The Winds album cover
Revolution Saints – Against The Wind. Jeff Pilson: “I can’t wait for fans to hear this.”

Don’t worry, there’s plenty to bang your noggin to. Fall On My Knees, Lost In Damnation, and Been Said And Done all have plenty of snarl about them, with the always exciting Hoekstra guitar projecting a voice all of its own.

Speaking of voices, and no disrespect to Arnel Pineda, but on this form, Journey should quit the messin’ and make Castronovo their permanent singer from here on in.

You could argue that Revolution Saints have made the same album five times on the spin. But say something similar to Status Quo CEO Francis Rossi or AC/DC poster boy Angus Young, and they’ll show you the bulge in their wallets.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is exactly what Revolution Saints fans will have ordered, and that’s exactly what they’re going to get.

Revolution Saints – Against The Winds is available to pre-order from here.

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