French industrial-goth Metallers Porn have just released their third album, ‘The Ogre Iside’, and today, the brand new video for ‘You Will Be The Death Of Me’ is premiereing right here.


Frontman Philippe Deschemin tells us abuot the album:

“This new opus is a concept album about what I call ‘the ogre inside’. In my first sci-fi novel, the main character talks about a beast inside him, an ogre devouring him. ‘The Ogre Inside’ is in a way our vital force. It’s our sexual compulsion, it’s life, it’s death.

“Freud could say that it’s the unconscious, the libido. It’s the good and the evil melted. The Ogre has no morality, it’s only desire and impulse.

“Society restrains all our will, we are alienated, doomed to be a stranger to ourselves, our true nature. We are doomed to live a fake life. In our society, this creates mental illness, depression, frustration…

“This album is an invocation, an incitement to act, to release the beast, to let him out! If you don’t, he will devour you.

“There are only two ways: let him go or restrain him. But you will never win. Never, he will devour you.

“In a way, Anthony Burgess in his famous novel ‘Clockwork Orange’, adapted by Kubrick, talks about that. Alex Delarge, the main character, lives in a perfect cohabitation with his Ogre. Alex does whatever he wants. Always. And the choice of his name, by Burguess, is quite amusing. Alex is A-Lex : A (without) LEX is Law. So Alex means ‘Without Law’. Alex is without supergo (from Freud’s model of the psyche), the ego and the id (or it) are leaving as room mate. And the Ogre can be seen as the It, the unconscious.

“Serial killers talk often of a beast taking control of them. Psychologists talk of the morbid law of desire. They cannot fight, restrain their morbid desires, they cannot fight the Ogre.

“We all have an Ogre inside. And the album is invocation, a way to release the Ogre.”


And about the song:

“‘You Will Be The Death Of Me’ is a song about life, death and love. About the fact that love is like humans: mortal. I am obsessed by death. I see death everywhere. Everything ends, everything dies. And sometimes, maybe always, being in a relationship means to kill the previous version of yourself. You change, and in a way you die. To be reborn as another you.

“This video is a metaphor of a death, a ‘mise à mort”. And the idea to put a girl in the strong position, is quite interesting. A way to give the power to women.”

Named after the classic ‘Pornography’ album by The Cure and influenced by early 80s electronic noise exponents such as SPK and Esplendor Geometrico as well as the 80s/90s dark rock lineage of Bauhaus, Fields Of The Nephilim and Type O Negative, Porn are led by Philippe Deschemin, who has published a sci-fi novel, ‘Contoyen’, and several short stories since the release of his group’s previous album in 2011.

A milestone record for the band, the concept of ‘The Ogre Inside’ is based on the ‘Contoyen’ novel.

Deschemin’s mission was to create aggressive yet sexy, powerful, dark and dangerous music. As he describes it:

“Something like a beautiful, tasty fruit with a razor blade inside.”

The band released their debut album in 2004 and an EP a year later, which are currently available together on the collection ‘A Decade In Glitter And Danger’. These were followed by a second album in 2011 entitled ‘From The Void To The Infinite’, plus the 2015 covers and remixes compilation ‘Deconstruct’, which followed the publication of Deschemin’s first novel, ‘Contoyen’.

Deschemin is also a member of the group An Erotic End Of Times, who released their own debut album in the spring of 2017. Aside from his musical and literary career, he is a visiting lecturer in political philosophy, a journalist and publisher.

Porn are:
Philippe Deschemin – vocals, bass, guitar, synth, drum programming
Mehdi Desoeuvre – guitar, bass
Erwan Frugier – synth, guitar

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