Photographer’s Unexpected Eviction From Castlefield Bowl Porcupine Tree Show

MetalTalk should today be publishing a report of last night’s Porcupine Tree show from Castlefield Bowl. With photography and press accreditation from the band’s management, Andy Shaw was there to file his report of what should have been an exciting evening. However, his evening finished before the band’s as he was forcibly removed from the venue.

Upon entry to the venue, Andy was escorted to the photo pit area, where it was explained to him that this was a closed pit. He was told he could take photos from the mixing desk or around the venue and was then allowed into the main venue.

Later in the show, he became of interest to one of the security guards, who noticed his backpack. This backpack contained cameras, lenses and a laptop. This is essential equipment for a photographer/reporter to enable them to cover the show. Security had an issue that he had a backpack.

Andy explained that he was an accredited photographer, but the situation then escalated with another four or five security guards becoming involved. Rather than offer a solution to the problem, security became verbally aggressive.

Andy was then escorted out of the venue before the show had finished, had his show passes removed, and was told to “Fuck Off” on his way out.

Because of this, we can now not complete the show review.

We take the safety and security of anyone who represents MetalTalk very seriously, and we believe they deserve respect. Andy is autistic and was displaying a lanyard. We have other people working with us who have challenges, and at MetalTalk, we operate a very supportive and mentoring culture.

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“The operation of the Bowl and events is not run by the Council,” Manchester City Council said. “Regarding the poor treatment of your colleague, it would be for Sound of the City to comment on regarding the conduct of their security.”

Finding a contact for Sound of the City is a challenge. Marketing Manchester have been approached for help.

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  1. “Security” goons should just stick to eat their bananas and peanuts and threw feces at each other.

  2. I saw him being escorted out by 4 security guards during the encore.
    Security were a pain in the arse at that gig. Constantly bunching up and blocking the view and at one point standing on a raised area ro the left of the stage mocking the band. Brainless dick heads.

  3. Terrible, unfortunately many security guards think they are the SAS or something. They have no more power than any citizen.

    I hope your colleague is ok, these things can set people back.

    I had a run in with security at an event where I was dropping friends off who decided I can’t turn my car around on a public road. Little Hitlers.

    I really wanted to go to this gig, but I’m kind of glad I couldn’t, hopefully I can catch them again at a run venue.

    Love PT & SW though, not a reflection on them I’m sure.

  4. Name and shame the company – unlike the bad old days of the 80s , word spreads fast about this sort of thing . I thought the security industry was better regulated these days?


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