Nandi Bushell / Foo Fighter challenger nails Rush’s Tom Sawyer

Nandi Bushell, who famously challenged Dave Grohl via YourTube with her drum covers, has now covered Tom Sawyer announcing her “newfound love for Rush.”

“This one is for you Professor Peart,” Nandi says. “I wanted to try a @rush song that would really challenge me. I watched an interview were the Professor said Tom Sawyer’ remains so difficult to play’. So I thought I would give it a try. It’s actually really fun to play. I really hope I have done the song justice, Professor Pearts’ playing is incredible. I hope I got the strength and smoothness balance right. I have a new found love for RUSH now too!”

After Grohl and Bushell exchanged YouTube videos, Nandi would perform on stage with the Foo Fighters in August 2021.

MetalTalk thinks that Neil Peart, who passed away on 7 January 2020, would have approved of her latest show of talent.

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