MTTV Episode Twenty Four: Nathan James from Inglorious

22 January 2021

In this episode of MetalTalk TV, Nathan James, frontman of impressive British Rockers Inglorious joins us for a catch up on all things up and coming and particularly their brand new studio album ‘We Will Ride’ (Released on Frontiers Music Srl on 12 February 2021).

Interview: Liz Medhurst

Nathan throws some light on how the whole band collaborated on song writing, the new recording processes, the challenges and the inspiration behind the songs and how producer Romesh Dodangoda constructed a massive sound for the new era of the band.

Photo of Danny Dela Cruz from British Rock band Inglorious
Danny Dela Cruz, Inglorious. Photo: Steve Ritchie/MetalTalk

Recorded during another UK lockdown, the conversation rises above pandemic woes (such as no hair appointments – first rule of lockdown is stay away from the box dye) and to looking ahead to the return of live shows and getting up close and personal with the audience again.

We consider if Devon and the Western counties of England could be renowned for being the setting for the latest Rock scene and also find out which show Nathan is harbouring an ambition to be on and why.

Nathan also tells us about his exciting side project as part of a supergroup which is quite the dream team.

All this and more in the episode below.


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