MSG / New album Universal includes Rainbow Rising style Dio tribute

Michael Schenker Group will release their new album Universal on 27 May 2022 through Atomic Fire Records.

Michael Schenker and Michael Voss produced Universal at Voss’s Kidroom Studio. “Michael Voss is happy to wait until I have worked out an idea,” Schenker says, “and takes the time to really get to know the song, simultaneously developing ideas for the vocals. Then we work out the drums, bass and some keyboard parts together. He always has plenty of great ideas up his sleeve.”

Schenker is joined by an impressive selection of musicians. Former Rainbow keyboard player Tony Carey takes a Tarot Woman Moog inspiration on Calling Baal, a intro to the rock anthem A King Has Gone. Sung by Michael Kiske from Helloween, A King Has Gone is a tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio and features the Rainbow rhythm section of Bobby Rondinelli and Bob Daisley.

MSG cover of the album Universal
Universal released 27 May 2022.

Set to be another highlight, The Universe features an atmospheric duet by Ronnie Romero and Gary Barden. The artwork is by Zsofia Dankova and features Schenker in a futuristic spaceship, floating high up in orbit. “I had the original idea for the album cover a few years ago,” Schenker says, “but only now does it seem to fit perfectly. So I sent some older sketches to my label Atomic Fire Records, and based on this, the final artwork and album title were created.”

“Basically, I am like a kid in a sandbox,” Schenker told MetalTalk in an interview last year (Part One , Part Two) “just play and discover, having fun. I do not compete, I do not compare, I do not look for money, I do not look for success or fame. Everything that happened to me in my whole 50-year career just happened simply because I wanted to be Michael Schenker. I get my musical inspiration from the infinite spring of creativity, the inner world.”

Michael Schenker is joined by Ronnie Romero, Steve Mann, Barend Courbois and Bodo Schopf on the following dates.

27 April 2022 FI – Helsinki, Vanha Yo-talo

29 April 2022 SE – Stockholm, Fryshuset Klubben

30 April 2022 NO – Oslo, Vulkan Arena

01 May 2022 DK – Kopenhagen, Amager Bio

03 May 2022 NL – Zoetermeer, De Boerderij

04 May 2022 GER – Bochum, Zeche

05 May 2022 CH – Pratteln, Z7

06 May 2022 GER – Speyer, Halle 101

07 May 2022 FR – Cleon, La Traverse

10 May 2022 ES – Madrid, La Riviera

11 May 2022 ES – Barcelona, Razzmatazz 1

12 May 2022 ES – Pamplona, Totem

14 May 2022 IT – 14 May 2022 IT – Fontaneto d’Agogna (NO), Phenomenon

15 May 2022 IT – Rom, Largo Venue

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