Movements Redefines Post-Hardcore by Pushing the Boundaries of Creativity and Noise

Post-hardcore is the umbrella term for a genre packed with distinct sounds and nuances hard to come by in other genres. Stemming from punk, it maintains the aggression of its predecessors while blurring the artistic line between creativity and noise. It’s powerfully raw, emotive and a blast to listen to. One band, in particular, becoming ever more present in the post-hardcore scene is Movements.

Words: Lacey Wait

Movements are a four-piece outfit hailing from the heart of it all, California. In 2017, they cemented their sound with the full-length debut Feel Something, an album infused with touching themes wrapped in a punky grit and ultimately iconic anthems that would capture the hearts of the masses. Though often branded as sonically bland, Feel Something spoke of life’s seminal moments in the language of rock, and that was enough to push Movements to the forefront of the scene.

Despite building a base with undeniable success, the band haven’t shied away from reinvention. They have proved their diverse abilities time and time again since formation in 2015. And now is no exception, with their third album, RUCKUS!, on the horizon.

Already they are showcasing a new-found dynamicity that packs a refreshing punch with four preliminary singles. It’s evident that Movements are entering a slick new era of pop-embellished punk, drawing influence from unexpected places: “We’ve pulled inspiration from all over the place… Justin Bieber-esque pop melodies, Snow Patrol instrumentals, and even some drum ‘n’ bass.”

Such changes may startle fans, especially when pop seeps into hardcore blood, but these new developments are simply elevating Movements’ sound. Just listen to Tightrope, their latest drop. It’s a stunningly melancholic ballad that represents the constant push and pull of post-hardcore.

Whether aiming to explore their own identity as a band or completely alter their fan’s preconceptions, Movements are certainly making a splash. RUCKUS! drops in full on August 18th via Fearless Records, and the anticipation is inexplicable. Pre-order is available here.

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