Mark Kelly / 30 Years in the making, Marillion man’s ‘Marathon’ masterpiece out this November

30 October 2020

Thirty years in the making, Marilion keyboard player Mark Kelly will release his solo project under the banner of ‘Mark Kelly’s Marathon’ 27 November. The song ‘This Time’ is available to watch below, along with the earlier release ‘Amelia’.

Kelly is joined by Guy Vickers, Oliver M. Smith (vocalist), Pete ‘Woody’ Wood (guitar,) John Cordy (guitar), Henry Rogers (drums) and his nephew Conal Kelly (bass). Steve Rothery has contributed lead guitar to the song ‘Puppets’.

‘This Time’ looks at long distance relationships which can span thousands of miles with no shared physical experience. Where time zones are different, these relationships must thrive online or whither and die.

The Marathon project was announced at the recent Marillion convention, where the video for ‘Amelia’ had it’s premiere.

The video was filmed in Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios.

Speaking of the theme of ‘Amelia’, the band told us: ““Man (and woman) has strived for the ability to fly, from first acquiring altitude, to crossing continents, then oceans and then circling the globe, to heading out into Space, to trying to communicate with whatever may be out there.

“But what if there’s a communication breakdown?”



i) Shoreline

ii) Whistling at the Sea

iii) 13 Bones

When I Fell

This Time


Twenty Fifty One:

i) Search

ii) Arrival

iii) Trail of Tears

iv) Brief History



When I Fell

This Time


Twenty Fifty One

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