Marillion / A Friend Of The Earth marks Earth Day 2022

Marillion released A Friend Of The Earth with an accompanying video to mark Earth Day 2022. This song is chapters two and three of Reprogram The Gene, a track from their latest album, An Hour Before It’s Dark.

“We are not of the heavens,” Steve Hogarth says. “We are of the earth. And whether you like it or not, when it dies, it’s gonna take you with it. The planet is screaming in our faces like an approaching express train. Some of us can hear it but don’t listen. Some of us can’t even hear it. But getting out of its way is our only hope.

“We’re at a tipping point right now. Not to act is suicide. Too self-righteous? How about: Turn the thermostat down and eat more veg.”

An Hour Before It’s Dark topped the album charts worldwide, breaking the band’s chart records in several countries. In Germany and the Netherlands, An Hour Before It’s Dark went straight to #2 in the official album charts, making it the highest chart entry for the band in both countries to date. In the UK, the band also celebrated #2 in the official charts, their best chart position in over 30 years.

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