Kittie Unleash Fire And The Record Is Exactly That!

It’s been a hot minute since Kittie were in the spotlight, with their last record being 2011, I’ve Failed You. Now the original Queens Of Metal are back, and, as the title of the record alludes to, they are on Fire!

Kittie – Fire (Sumerian Records)

Release Date: 21 June 2024

Words: Damian FitzGerald

Having formed in 1996, the founding members, Morgan and Mercedes Lander and Fallon Bowman, were barely even teenagers and embarking into a territory still dominated by men.

Still, they persevered and released their debut album, Spit, in 2000 clearly announcing that Metal was now a women’s world. What a record Spit was too. First hearing it as a teenager, I was overwhelmed by the brutality of the Metal riffs and the terrifying snarls from Morgan Lander.

As a young man, I’ll confess, I was part turned on, part terrified. These four women would eat me and any other male alive and spit us out. Or at least that was the perception.

Kittie - Fire. The original Queens of Metal bring mature yet fierce tracks.
Kittie – Fire. The original Queens of Metal bring mature yet fierce tracks.

After a handful of records and a number of lineup changes, with the constant being the Lander sisters, Kittie faded into obscurity for most Metal fans as other bands took their place on playlists, and this was a shame, to say the least.

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Now, in 2024, it was announced that Kittie was working on new material and had signed to Sumerian Records. Seemingly, out of the blue, they unleashed their new track, Eyes Wide Open. The tune contains a simple yet effective riff that ensures the song flows, maintaining a steady-paced Metal track. Morgan spits out throaty lyrics to create a familiar Kittie tune that also shows how they have matured as artists. It is the closing track on the record and ties things up with a controlled ferocity, leaving listeners craving more.

The record opens in a similar way to the title track, Fire. It has a controlled methodical approach to it layered with clean and harsh vocals complimenting each other and perfectly harmonised.

Track two, I Still Wear This Crown, maintains the controlled aspect but mixes in some technical guitar riffs, adding further layers to the record. Vultures is when we get to the real meat of the album. This track feels like it is the next anthem for the band, with Morgan Lander’s clean vocals signing “as the vultures circle me.” I can only start to imagine this tune in a live environment; in fact, I have goosebumps.

“Vultures is a bold musical declaration,” the band said, “signalling our new beginnings as a band. ‘Vultures’ is a warning to those with hidden agendas who thrive on deception. It’s a proclamation of breaking free of the chains of exploitation and a reckoning for those who pick at the bones of those who suffer in silence.”

Every song on Fire has its own identity whilst maintaining a common thread that ties the record together. Fans of Kittie should rejoice that they are back. They have stayed true to their original identity, but also allowed themselves to mature in their sound, something all bands must do to maintain creativity.

If you had a gun to my head demanding a stand-out tune, this would be a challenge, but under such circumstances, I would recommend One Foot In The Grave. This tune will take hold of you right from the outset and not let go until the final line has dropped.

“Ten years ago, if someone would have told us that we would be releasing new Kittie music in 2024, we’d have dismissed them right away,” the band told us.”It feels like something deeper than fate that’s brought us together again, allowing us to create something fearless and magical for you. 

“We’ve worked incredibly hard over the past year and surrounded ourselves with the ultimate dream team to make this album a reality. We cannot wait for you to lose yourselves in the passion and strength of Fire.”

If you are unfamiliar with Kittie, take my advice and add this now, and welcome back the original Queens Of Metal with open arms and devil horns.

Kittie – Fire – Is available from here.

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