Joe Bonamassa releases ‘When One Door Opens’

Joe Bonamassa has shared the video for his fantastic new single ‘When One Door Opens’, which gives a great insight into Bonamassa’s recording processes.

The song has been co-written with Kevin Shirley and Pete Brown. Brown is known for his many collaborations with Cream and Jack Bruce over the years. ‘When One Door Opens’ was recorded in the recent Abbey Road sessions.

Joe recently shared his excitement in working with Shirley and Brown, telling us that this song “… is the first track off my new album and I’m very excited for everyone to hear it.”

The date for the release of the new album is not yet known, though ‘A Conversation With Alice’ has also been released recently. The ‘Alice’ in this song is  the alias of a therapist that Bonamassa spoke with about some reoccurring problems he had been facing in life, but found that these ‘problems’ ultimately lead to his success.

Joe is still cranking out weekly programming for Sirius XM’s Bluesville channel for his radio show ‘Different Shades Of Blue’.

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