Introducing Morrowphobia And The Greek Alt-Metal Of Wistful Orison

Morrowphobia are a new Greek alt-Metal band formed by Michael ‘Makk’ Giannopoulos (Moira’s Touch). Makk is joined by Dimitris Koskinas, guitars and vocals, and bassist George Pagidas, both from Prog Metallers Art Of Simplicity, and drummer Paik Giannopoulos. Wistful Orison is the first single from this line up, with their first self-titled album waiting in the wings for release.

As a single this provides an interesting indication of things to come from Morrowphobia and it certainly leaves a positive feel about the song-writing and musical ability of this band, leaving you wanting to hear more.

The piece is on a number of levels opening to a rip roaring riff fuelled powerfest before dropping to a quieter vocal, and then opening back up into a more energetic musical foray. There is a definite alt-Metal feel to this tune, with clear nods to Soundgarden, although that is probably intentional as this song has been written as a tribute to Soundgarden’s sadly departed and much missed Chris Cornell.

Wistful Orison is laden with catchy hooks and heavy riffs. The guitar solos retain melody before going into scream overload.

Morrowphobia are a band that can interchange the feel to the piece throughout the song, and this probably bears out some of the musical elements from their Prog Metal past, however do not get me wrong this is as far from Prog as you can get.

The lyrics, sung in English provide a clear homage to the great departed man.

It’s an impressive sounding piece, which shows the musical integrity of Morrowphobia and their ability to move between soft thoughtful vocal interludes, lyrically weighed down by grief and sorrow, before soaring in a cascade of rising guitarwork.

This bodes well for the rest of the album, which is gleefully awaited.

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