Imperial Age / Free live concert with orchestra and choir presenting New World album

Imperial Age will host a free live concert on 26 December 2021, where the Symphonic Metal band will present their New World album backed by an orchestra and choir.

Like Live On Earth, the online show aired in April 2020, where over 38,000 viewed the performance and donations were sufficient to recoup all costs, the band are hoping that fans generosity will cover the costs of this breathtaking event.

Imperial Age are a truly independent band, working without a record label or media company. They were about to crowdfund over $62,000 for the production of the New World album.

The live show promises a chamber orchestra and academic choir, new costumes designed by the band and an eight full HD camera production, filmed in a huge hall designed for large-scale film production.

The show will be “100% live” with no editing or re-recording. The band will answer questions in real-time in between songs.

For more details, visit https://live.imperial-age.com/live-new-world1635702407744

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