Hillbilly Vegas show an irresistibly good time charm

Just over ten years ago, across the great pond, the deep south of North America spawned a new batch of country rock heroes. At the wheel of this dusty road truck was Hillbilly Vegas. A tout de suite local success, their fanbase just kept growing each year. Having played every major bike rally in America is no joke and would pin their audience as extremely specific if it wasn’t for multiple charted tracks and an irresistibly good time charm that continues to reach a broad range of music lovers.

Hillbilly Vegas – Greetings From Hillbilly Vegas

Release Date: Out Now

Words: Monty Sewell

To promote the release of their upcoming full LP this October, Hillbilly Vegas dropped a teaser EP earlier this month. The Oklahoma-based hexad have recently signed to Conquest Music and continue their live show travels across the states as the year thunders on.

Greetings From Hillbilly Vegas opens with High Time For A Good Time, a honky tonk roller with lashes of grand entrance energy that oozes out through southern smoothed lyrics. The title certainly speaks for itself; from the get-go, the band were open about writing and playing their material because they just loved music. Everything about this manifesto is heard here, a great kick-off to the good time ball.

Hell To Pay picks up the pace with a heart-pounding crowd chant chorus with what sounds like a Hammond organ skimming along nicely in the background. The production is crisp with each layered track in the mix coming through on its own accord. Hats off to the producer and engineer.

Hillbilly Vegas are no stranger to featuring their name in song titles. Proudly proclaiming themselves to the never-ending inspiration that is the American country rock way of life, they turn out a fine cover of Justin Moore’s Field Fulla Hillbillies. With already a quarter of a million streams, this is fast becoming the band’s anthem. Impossible not to sing along to lines such as “That’s a field fulla hillbillies / A bunch of trucks jacked up kicked back / Hanging out like chill billies”, it keeps the sunny ebullience turned up to full volume.

Losin’ To Win kicks you back on the sofa with a cold beer with its ballad-infused nostalgia. The song is lighters in the air worthy, with a beautifully written opening that keeps crescendoing right until those last heartbreak notes.

The EP finishes with Mason Jars And Moonlight. Right back into Friday night party territory, it features some neat lead guitar work which leaves a satisfying taste in your mouth.

If Greetings From Hillbilly Vegas is just a sample of what to expect later this year then the full LP should be an absolute smash. There is a real insouciant appeal about Hillbilly Vegas that will no doubt continue to be shared with fans, old and new alike. We await with eager anticipation.

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