Heretic Fest / Moved to 2022 – new band slots available

Heretic Fest has moved to the weekend of 13 May 2022. There are some new band slots available, with details of how to apply for 2022 included in their statement below.

It is with great regret that I must inform you yet again of the postponement of Heretic Fest 2021, a statement I am sure you anticipated.


I can assure you that no one is as disappointed as I am about this, but with the current restrictions, and the threat to people’s health, this year is just not possible.

I did think long and hard about the decision to move and I felt next year was the better option. With the mix of people losing jobs and other shows starting to back up towards the end of the year, I did not want it to be a fight between what shows people can afford to see. Each show should be packed with people out for a good time.

Don’t forget, we also have the Blackwater Conspiracy headline Show on the 19 September 2021 which will be going ahead as planned.

I would like to thank everyone so far for their support, through all of this and the bands and their agents in particular, sorting through now three different Heretic Fest arrangements.

It is not all bad news. A couple of slots across the weekend have been made available and I am now officially opening up the shortlists again. If you have already applied for 2021, please apply again to make sure you do not miss out.

In a band, have a friend who is or just want to help?

All applicants must send me their latest EPK to: (no private messages to the Heretic Fest page or my private page as these will be missed, Heretic Fest messaging will be for customer queries only)

Ticket update:

All tickets purchased through See Tickets WILL REMAIN VALID.

Any tickets purchased through bands, you will need a full refund as these will now be VOID.

With all that in mind, call your hotel, book off work and grab your tickets, because Heretic Fest is here to stay.

It just moved a little further away Big things are happening at Heretic Fest and I can not wait for you all to be a part of its future.

Stay safe, stay awesome, Hannah Heretik x

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