Hellfest 2023 / Porcupine Tree Talk New Album, Pandemic Production, and the Future of Music Listening

Hellfest 2023. Its hot again, then a bit of rain. Steven Wilson and Porcupine Tree are in the Hellfest Press conference. “We may not be as heavy as some of the bands going on here,” Wilson says, “but our philosophy is always we’re going to do what we do and hope the fans respond to that.

“We did actually jam a lot together on this new record [Closure/Continuation]. This record was made during the proverbial pandemic, so by definition, we did have to work separately at some level.”

Steven Wilson also talks about audio fidelity and the future of listening “I’m sure music is going to be amazed at how low-fi most musicians are. You spend all this time and money making something, then listen back to it on your iPhone speakers. One of two ways – either more towards convenience and people listening to on their phones or more special and immersive audio. I’m very excited.”

Porcupine Tree - Hellfest Festival 2023, Clisson.
Porcupine Tree – Hellfest Festival 2023, Clisson.

Steven Wilson spoke also spoke about prog. “What is prog in 2023? It’s not a label we ever use ourselves. Like ‘punk’, it’s become a meme for something from the past. We’re not interested in that.”

MetalTalk are looking forward to seeing them later today on the mainstage.

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Hellfest 2023

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