Grand Slam / Mark Stanway and Cleopatra Records issue Slam Anthems statement

Slam Anthems, a six-CD set of Phil Lynott’s post Thin Lizzy project Grand Slam, will be released on 9 June. While Grand Slam never released an official studio album in the ’80s, they cut a series of demos and played shows across Europe. Slam Anthems contains new mixes of Grand Slam songs as well as killer full concert recordings from that period.

Yesterday, MetalTalk published a statement from Laurence Archer detailing his frustration with the music industry and the theft of his songs. “I’ve never received a penny from any retrospective Grand Slam material that’s been released,” Archer wrote, citing Slam Anthems as an example.

MetalTalk approached Cleopatra Records for comment, and they have released the following statement along with “originally privileged information”, which Grand Slam founding member Mark Stanway has granted permission to share.

“Cleopatra Records has licensed these recordings from the rights holder, Mark Stanway, who is the founding member and principal songwriter,” Cleopatra Records said in a statement to MetalTalk. “Furthermore, all mechanical licenses were obtained from existing registrations. The following statement was originally privileged information between Mark Stanway and Cleopatra Records and Laurence Archer. However, given the article, Mark Stanway has granted permission for it to be shared as a statement on behalf of Cleopatra.”

Grand Slam - Slam Anthems - Out 9 June 2023
Grand Slam – Slam Anthems – Out 9 June 2023

“I am writing to provide information regarding Laurence Archer’s recent email and request that the following content be carefully considered,” the statement from Mark Stanway reads.

“The deal I made with Cleopatra was for the outright purchase of all rights to my personal cassette recordings of live shows I did with the Phil Lynott solo band and later all of my personal cassette demo and desk recordings of Grand Slam, etc. I have ensured that the writing and performance credits are completely accurate, and any PRS/PPL revenue would automatically go to the individual writers/players directly.

“These recordings were previously released in 2002 and 2003 by two British Labels, Zoom Club Records and Majestic Rock Records, without any complaints from Laurence Archer. Most of these titles were still available on all digital platforms until my deal with Cleopatra, again without any complaints from Laurence Archer.

“It should also be noted that I spent many weeks going through all of my recordings (in excess of 80 Recordings ) to ensure that only the best versions would be released. I also put considerable time and effort into ensuring all of the artwork and release information was accurate. I have never asked for any information or accounting or interfered or hindered Laurence in any way regarding his version of Grand Slam’s release. I would ideally expect the same respect in return.

“During 2019, Laurence Archer asked me to play and record keyboards on an album that was later released in November of that year on Marshall Records under the name ‘Grand Slam’ and entitled ‘Hit the Ground.’ I played keyboards on the album, which was recorded in a studio near Stratford-upon-Avon, and we had our photos taken. I naturally presumed they were for the record sleeve and relevant publicity use.

“I later found out that Laurence had negotiated a deal with Marshall Records without my knowledge. It was only because I had a contact at Marshall that I became aware of it all. I have never been accounted to or received, or even offered, payment for my playing on the album, let alone incurred expenses like travelling to and from the studio. I have never once asked for these costs to be reimbursed or to be accounted for regarding advances/finances for the album.

“Furthermore, I found out that the initially intended writing credits were incorrect regarding my co-writing of several of the songs. Fortunately, my co-writing with Phil Lynott was already firmly registered and legally in place both with PRS and PPL. I asked for a copy of the intended writing credits but was never actually shown a copy of the record itself, let alone given one. I did, however, receive a call from Laurence asking if I was going to try and stop or interfere with the release. He begged me not to and I responded with words to the effect of: ‘I am not trying to stop anything from being released; all I ask for is accurate writing credits.’

“At this stage, still presuming I was in this band and in spite of the inaccuracies from their camp stating that Laurence formed Grand Slam with Phil Lynott, regardless of the well-documented proof that I formed the original band with Phil Lynott, Brian Downey, John Sykes, and Doishe Nagle after I played keyboards on a Phil Lynott solo tour of Sweden in the summer of 1983. While the band was yet to be named Grand Slam. Mark Stanway.”

Grand Slam – Slam Anthems is released on 9 June 2023. Each disc comes packaged in its own wallet with rare band photos, and the whole box features a 20-page full-colour booklet filled with informative liner notes from music historian Dave Thompson.

The digital version can be pre-ordered from

The 6 CD Boxset is available from Cleopatra Records.



  1. Breakdown
  2. Crazy
  3. I Still Think Of You
  4. Crime Rate
  5. Dedication
  6. Military Man
  7. Look In These Eyes
  8. Harlem
  9. I Don’t Need This
  10. Sisters Of Mercy
  11. Nineteen
  12. Hot N Spicy
  13. Sarah


  1. Yellow Pearl
  2. Old Town
  3. Sarah
  4. A Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer
  5. Look In These Eyes
  6. Parisienne Walkways
  7. Solo In Soho
  8. King’s Call
  9. Baby Drives Me Crazy
  10. The Boys Are Back In Town
  11. Still In Love With You


  1. Nineteen
  2. Yellow Pearl
  3. Sarah
  4. Parisienne Walkways
  5. Crime Rate
  6. Young Boy
  7. Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer
  8. Cold Sweat
  9. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
  10. Whisky In The Jar


  1. Nineteen
  2. Sisters Of Mercy
  3. Crime Rate
  4. Military Man
  5. Dedication


  1. Yellow Pearl
  2. Nineteen
  3. Harlem
  4. Parisienne Walkways
  5. Cold Sweat
  6. Sisters Of Mercy
  7. Crime Rate
  8. Military Man
  9. Dedication


  1. Nineteen
  2. Crime Rate
  3. Crazy
  4. Sisters Of Mercy
  5. Whiter Shade Of Pale / Like A Rolling Stone
  6. Military Man
  7. Hot N Spicy
  8. I Don’t Need This
  9. Harlem
  10. I Still Think Of You
  11. Gay Boys
  12. Breakdown
  13. Look In These Eyes
  14. She Cries
  15. Slam

Sleeve Notes

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