Swedish Blackened Death Metallers Sodomisery originally started as Harris Sopovic’s studio project back in 2015. His aim was to create “the perfect blend between Death and Black Metal with a fresh sound”.

Words: Jools Green

They released a self-titled EP released back in 2017, of which I felt fortunate to have heard a couple of tracks and after listening to this debut full length ‘The Great Demise’, from the now fully fledged band, it has pretty much nailed that remit.

Consisting of mastermind Harris, along with Viktor Eklund, Paul Viscolit and Magnus Grönberg, ‘The Great Demise’ certainly manifests as a decidedly decent listen and builds on what Harris achieved with that first EP.

‘The Great Demise’ is a nine track, forty-four-minute release, across the duration of which I cannot fault any stage or element, from the writing and delivery to the production. Everything is well considered and well delivered and across the whole of the release, you also get a very engaging lyrical delivery; harsh but with clarity.

Album cover of band Sodomisery

The opening track ‘Reapers Key’ is one of my favourites of this album and believe me choosing is not an easy task. But it epitomises everything about my idea of the perfect Blackened Death Metal track. It is an anticipatory builder, bursting forth with a spine chilling roar, rousing and intense with a punchy blackened rhythm and a dark emotive underlying quality.

Also catching my ear was the follow up track ‘Into The Cold’, with its sinister undertone to the opening intense barrage of riffing and a straightforward but effective burst of second half lead work.

At this point ‘Sodomisery’ have certainly set themselves a difficult task following those two opening tracks but they succeed. ‘Sacrifice’ boasts dark punchy riffs, with a subtle technical quality to the brief riff that bursts forth from midway onward. It adds an interesting contrast, alongside an uplifting second half lead burst.

‘The Messenger’ has some wonderfully catchy riff patterns and a haunting mid-point interlude.

On ‘In the Void’, the sinister haunting opening leaves you very anticipatory. It is followed by rapid riffs and soaring melody, with rich second half leadwork. The title track ‘The Great Demise’ is a little slower, with an unnervingly dark melodic quality and soaring second half leadwork.

‘Until They Burn’ is a superb builder, developing in gradual increments across it’s duration, beginning with an acoustic opening, followed by a slow blackened riff build and an extended soaring growl. It is slower paced but punchy and powerful throughout, especially once the well protracted vocals kick in. Completed by hauntingly dark leadwork, closing on more acoustic work, it is my favourite of the slower offerings.

The tempo is elevated initially for the brutal and intense ‘Arise’, settling down into a darker mid pace that ebbs and flows with its punchy bursts of riffing and sinister undertones in the melodic segments.

We end on the final piece, ‘The Abyss’, a brief haunting guitar closer, which leaves you reflecting back on past tracks and definitely contemplating a further listen. Always the sign of a good album.

‘The Great Demise’ is available from Testimony Records via Cargo Records (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) + Dark Descent Records (North America) + Season of Mist (rest of the world)

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