Die Ego Unveil Hypnotic Acoustic Track Anywhere We Are Going

Die Ego have harnessed their passion for dark and moody with the release of the acoustic track Anywhere We Are Going. A band that has made massive leaps in each release, the new song represents “another way of expressing ourselves.” While acoustic and giving a different decibel level to your ears, the song marks another ramp-up from their latest offering, 74 Days Staring At The Void.

“We are currently without a full-time drummer,” Diego Fardel told MetalTalk, “so we took this time to explore a different side of the band.” The fantastic Edoardo Mariotti has moved on, although they have parted on good terms.

“With our previous albums,” Diego says, “we introduced a few acoustic guitars but never wrote an entire acoustic song with clean vocals. This was a new challenge for us and moved us out of our comfort zone.”

Die Ego - New Cross Inn - 23 October 2023
Diego Fardel: “This was a new challenge for us and moved us out of our comfort zone.” Photo: Steve Ritchie/MetalTalk

For the hypnotic Anywhere We Are Going, guitarist Diego Fardel and vocalist and bassist Gabe Scapigliati returned to the studio, where Die Ego recorded 74 Days Staring At The Void. “We cut the track with our long-time friend and esteemed producer, Alessio Garavello, at Rogue Studios in London,” Diego told us. “The recording session was a unique experience, and hearing it come together felt magical. We feel we’ve achieved something special and are so happy with it.”

Anywhere We Are Going has that hypnotic and enticing build, that you sense will be followed by a big smash track come next album time. “We took the opportunity to write an acoustic song in the vibe,” Diego said, “with clean vocals which is something we always wanted to explore. It is not a change in direction. It is another way of expressing ourselves and make a statement of the current moment the band is living. Hope you enjoy it.”

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