Dead Posey / Psychological horror-tinged Head Of The Snake film shared

Los Angeles Rock duo Dead Posey have released the video for their chilling single ‘Head Of The Snake’ and you can watch the psychological horror-tinged film below.

Dead Posey told us: “We started thinking about a ‘Head of the Snake’ video during the initial heavy days of COVID-19 quarantine and quickly realised we were going to need something that we didn’t have to physically shoot.

“That’s where the idea of doing an animated video came from. We worked with the very talented animator/illustrator Tony Celano at Sumerian Records to put this together.

“We wanted to show Dead Posey in a warped 50’s horror B-movie, with some surrealist Lynchian twists thrown in.

“The song is about throwing off the shackles imposed by long-standing oppressive institutions and belief systems; we wanted the imagery to give that impression in an abstract way…while also throwing a couple direct gut punches to the system.”

The first track from the Malfunction EP, ‘Head of the Snake’ talks about breaking through perceived barriers and the strength in perseverance.

It has such a frenetic energy about it that it is almost impossible to listen to that song without some part of your body starting to subconsciously move, and feeling like you just want to get up and mosh about the room.

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