Curse Of Eibon / Book Of Eibon is spawned from worlds beyond

In early 2020, four Swedish guys, Fredrik Croona, Martin Antonsson, Mathias Back and Anders Ström, got together with the intention of creating something fun and interesting, and so the Melodic Occult Death Metal outfit Curse Of Eibon “was thus spawned from worlds beyond, delivering a message from the great old ones.”

Curse Of Eibon – Book Of Eibon

Released: 18 December 2020

Words: Jools Green

Lyrically ‘Curse Of Eibon’ are inspired, as their name suggests, by the American literary contemporaries HP Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith, the occult and “things that lurk in the dark”. It was Clark Ashton Smith’s brainchild volume ‘Book of Ebion’, the collection of occult tales by various authors including himself, which inspired this EP title.

In little over nine months the quartet have spawned two singles, preludes to this EP, ‘Seek to Destroy’ in May and ‘Dagon’ in July, both of which served as teasers to this release and are included on this EP. This five track eighteen-minute offering which, considering the speed it has reached fruition, is a pretty decent offering, they have a clearly defined idea of exactly where they want to take the band in terms of concept and sound.

Sound wise ‘Curse Of Eibon’ is definitively Swedish in style. It is hugely atmospheric and melodic enough to make it accessible whilst still maintaining a necessary dark sinister edge to meet the concept.

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It is competently constructed and delivered and for me the strongest aspects of this album are the vocal delivery, a cold sinister rasping growl with very clear delivery of lyrical content, and the complex but not overpowering drum work.

The only element that is a bit so-so is the keyboard generated backing choral element on some of the tracks. Real voices would be a better option, but that is just me being fussy. It is a consistent listen end to end, if you like one track, you will like the lot.

‘Curse Of Eibon’ is a good start from a band that I think have a lot more to reveal and who will build on this debut release with future offerings. It should be of interest to fans of Triptykon, At The Gates, Dark Tranquility and is available as a digital release from Bandcamp.

Vocals: Fredrik Croona
Bass: Mathias Back
Drums: Anders Ström
Guitars: Martin Antonsson

Sleeve Notes

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