Competition / Join Supreme Unbeing On A Sensational Trip To Space

Supreme Unbeing have unleashed the Spaceman Challenge, with the aim of giving one lucky fan a chance to join the band in bridging the gap between rock music and the final frontier.

With the release today of their version of Spaceman, the band have begun an attempt to raise enough funds to bring Heavy Metal to the stars.

Originally released by Babylon Zoo, Spaceman gained plenty of exposure through Levi’s jeans television adverts in the United Kingdom in late 1995. This is a sign of progress.

“As we ignite the Spaceman Challenge, it’s impossible to ignore the cosmic ballet playing out above us,” Zac Red told MetalTalk. “This new space race, orchestrated by giants like Musk, Bezos, and Branson, isn’t just a leap towards the stars. It feels like a calculated escape, a secretive gambit with stakes higher than we can fathom.”

Supreme Unbeing - Spaceman "...stakes higher than we can fathom."
Supreme Unbeing – Spaceman “…stakes higher than we can fathom.”

The band has boldly reached out to space entrepreneurs Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Sir Richard Branson, as well as to several national space agencies around the globe, urging them to join this revolutionary campaign.

They are invited to make a pledge, “but only if they dare”, and to promise the band a trip aboard their space tourism crafts once the crafts are fit for space tourism travel and when the song reaches the astronomical milestone of 1 billion streams.

With the royalties generated from 1 billion streams, the band vows to finance a ticket for one fortunate winner, purchasing their seat on the spacecraft out of their own pocket. “This isn’t just a chance to win a prize,” they say, “it’s an opportunity to be part of a historic moment, a life-altering journey to space financed by the harmonies of rock and the support of fans worldwide. As the song’s streams ascend to stellar heights, so does the dream of space travel, now within reach of one lucky individual.”

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“Few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets. And yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Heavy Metal with envious eyes.” H. G. Wells, had he heard Iron Maiden.

“Are we spectators in an intergalactic narrative scripted by unseen hands, a narrative rife with undisclosed agendas and covert pacts made in the shadow of the moon? In this cosmic game of chess, it’s paramount to discern the pawns from the kings, for in the vacuum of space, whispers don’t echo—they resonate.”

Having already released Enter Reality and Enduring Physicality, Supreme Unbeing have already forged a global legion of listeners, eclipsing 10 million streams.

For more details on how else to hear Supreme Unbeing’s version of Spaceman, visit

To join the Spaceman Challenge, visit For competition terms and conditions, speak to Supreme Unbeing. MetalTalk are not involved in that part.

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