Silence Is Spoken / Special inspiration by record label creative freedom

Based in Tuscany, the home of Barolo wine, Silence Is Spoken drummer Lorenzo Panchetti spoke with MetalTalk's @danybass18. @silenceisspoken @wormholedeath_records

Goatwhore / ‘It’s a good time to be in a Heavy Metal band,’ says Sammy Duet

Goatwhore were back in the UK in support of their latest album, Angels Hung From The Arches of Heaven. MetalTalk's Andy Shaw caught up with guitarist Sammy Duet. Interview and Photo: @andyshaw16 @sammypierreduet @goatwhorenola

Steve Vai / “Enthusiasm is passion…Things that look like success come as a consequence of that”

Steve Vai - Interview - In Part Two of an interview with MetalTalk's Paul Monkhouse, Vai talks about his career and his passion for innovating. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @stevevaihimself

Steve Vai / “Johnny Sombrotto would have made an incredible rock star”

Interview. The inspiring Steve Vai talks about Gash, something both men could be truly proud of and Johnny Sombrotto who "would have made an incredible rock star." @stevevaihimself

Jarvis Leatherby / Talks Night Demon, touring, festivals and new Cirith Ungol album

Night Demon have their new album Outsider out in under a month. Jarvis Leatherby talks Night Demon, touring, festivals and new Cirith Ungol album. Words and Photo: @hutchie224 @kkssteelmill @irongripheavymetal @nightdemonmetal @cirithungolband

Jackie Chambers, Girlschool / From Mull Of Kintyre to the St Valentine’s Day Massacre and beyond

MetalTalk recently caught up with guitarist Jackie Chambers on this latest tour, delving back into the history of the band and looking to the future of both Girlschool and also her other outfit, punk-pop combo Syteria. Interview: @pmonkhouse1 Photo: @robert_sutton_photography @syteriaband @jackiechambers432

Oli Brown & The Dead Collective / ‘I’m going to give it my all, and I love it’

Oli Brown & The Dead Collective - 'To get that support and such a quick reaction to the music, it's everything to me, man...the most incredible feeling' Interview: @hutchie224 @olibrownofficial @blackfeatherjewelry

Oli Brown / RavenEye, ‘unfortunately, it just didn’t work out’

INTERVIEW - Oli Brown And The Dead Collective. In Part One, Oli talks about about RavenEye, touring with Kiss and how, 'unfortunately, it just didn’t work out.'

Memoriam | Karl Willetts, ‘it’s important for me to stand up and make a point’

Memoriam - Karl Willets Interview Part Two. Important "to stand up and make a point, make a stand, and say something important about things that I think need to be said." Interview: @hutchie224 @memoriamuk @willettsio

Memoriam | Karl Willetts – a work ethic that puts full-time artists to shame

Interview - Memoriam - Karl Willets. I find Karl in his usual relaxed and jovial mood, all ready to talk about the band's next album, Rise To Power. Interview: @hutchie224 @memoriamuk @willettsio

Dirty Honey / Marc LaBelle: ‘I think that was a great way to kick off the tour’

Dirty Honey - Marc LaBelle - Interview. The Dirty Honey show at the Waterfront in Norwich was the opening of the band's first headline tour of the UK. Photo: @rock_pixs Words: @pmonkhouse1 @dirtyhoneyband @campmoto

John Notto / It’s very important for Dirty Honey to break into the UK

John Notto Interview with MetalTalk.Saturday afternoon in Norwich and Dirty Honey were preparing for the opening night of their first headline UK Tour. Photo: @rock_pixs Interview: @pmonkhouse1 @the_john_notto @dirtyhoneyband

Becky Baldwin / Touring The Americas with Mercyful Fate

Becky Baldwin - Mercyful Fate - Interview, Part Two. Becky talks touring The Americas with Mercyful Fate, visa problems, learning the songs and feeling 'Ouch, my heart'. @beckybaldwinbass Interview: @hutchie224 @mercyfulfatecoven @furyoffic1al

Becky Baldwin / Mercyful Fate ‘said they want me to come to America’

Interview - Becky Baldwin talks about Fury, playing festivals and how, at Bloodstock, King Diamond invited her to play with Mercyful Fate in tour in America. @beckybaldwinbass Interview: @hutchie224 @mercyfulfatecoven @furyoffic1al @bloodstockopenair

Suzi Quatro talks through her song choices for Uncovered

In the act of what can only be called musical multi-tasking, Suzi Quatro put her in-between concert time to excellent use with the release of a six-track EP called Uncovered. Suzi talks about her song choices with MetalTalk. @suziquatroreal

Exclusive / KK Downing reflects on Judas Priest Hall Of Fame Induction

Exclusive / KK Downing reflects on the Judas Priest Hall Of Fame Induction."But when I reflected on it," KK said, "it was the band I started fifty years ago, and I would probably regret it if I didn't go. So I accepted the invitation."Photo: @rock_pixs @kkssteelmill @kkspriest

Halestorm / Arejay Hale and MetalTalk chat at London’s O2 Arena

Halestorm / Arejay Hale and MetalTalk chat at London's O2 Arena. Arejay Hale talks about family and Christmas, and he told us how much he had enjoyed this tour. Photo: @rock_pixs Interview: @danybass18 @halestormrocks @arejayhale

Suzi Quatro / ‘I can’t say I’ve never done a room wreck’

The self-titled Queen of Rock and Roll, Suzi Quatro, has just returned to the UK from her Australian tour, but she still made the time for a chat with MetalTalk. @suziquatroreal
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