Lord Of The Lost / Will it be Douze Points for the German rockers in Liverpool?

I am a huge Eurovision fan, and this year I’m thrilled to be going with my awesome GBFs to experience my favourite event live, loud and proud. And just like the band, Lord Of The Lost, I’m about to interview, I’m going to be wearing a lot of glitter.

Interview: Sara Harding

To me, Eurovision has it all – billions of viewers, epic productions, plenty of cheese, camp classics and, best of all, the rock music entrants!!!! Lordi did it, Måneskin triumphed, and now it’s time for Lord Of The Lost to reign supreme and rock the top of the Eurovision leaderboard.

So what’s the scoop with this five-piece band from Hamburg? I spoke to frontman Chris ‘Lord’ Harms.

Vote Lord Of The Lost for Eurovision
Vote Lord Of The Lost for Eurovision

Riding high at Number 1 in the German rock charts with their album Blood And Glitter, the Lords are now competing for Eurovision. The album is a total tour de force, and every song delivers, especially the totally anthemic Blood And Glitter. – “This song is about the war, earthquakes, but if you look to the lyrics, it’s about the elixir of life,” Harms said. “We are all from the same blood – this is about unity.”

With this song’s incredible message, together with the band’s true talent, they promise to deliver a huge performance to Eurovision, and Chris has a real synergy with Liverpool. “The funny thing is 60 years ago, five young men came from Liverpool to Hamburg, to where we live, and they were The Beatles. And now five young men from Hamburg will be going to Liverpool.” This really could be music history in the making.

“Eurovision has always been about diversity,” Chris says, “and Germany kind of was narrow-minded when it came to sending alternative music bands to Eurovision. But you see how that worked out, so if we get there, I’ll be so excited.”

After a full year of touring, releasing an album, a support tour for Iron Maiden, a headline tour, an acoustic tour, several festival appearances, and the band’s own Lordfest, Lord Of The Lost have once again been invited by the legendary Iron Maiden to be direct support on their European tour in 2023 and we at Metaltalk will be there.

“We are a band that has never consciously adapted to anyone or anything,” Chris says. “No trend, no scene, no expectation. We have always done what we like ourselves – at all times. That we are now being considered for the biggest music show in the world with our weird genre mix, as authentic and unbowed as we are, is a great honour, and we are really looking forward to it.”

So as our brilliant chat comes to an end, I wish Chris and the group good luck and to ‘break a leg’. Harms laughs and says, “in Germany, it’s more brutal here. We say break your neck and your leg.”

Lord Of The Lost are brilliant – we Metaltalkers voted like crazy before, and Italian rockers Måneskin won.

You can vote online now for Lord Of The Lost, so please get your votes in – I’ve entered 400 times – is that ok? And what next in Euro news? Maybe Rammstein will get in the ring for Eurovision 2024?

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